I can't add database on my dedicated but support ignore chat

Hi there,

I have an issue regarding DB creation on my dedicated. The DB name was “already taken by other customer”. DH have a DB list common for all customers and this is an issue from 90’s, but ok, I’ll fix by changing hosting from DH to much better modern hosting company.

So, today I trying to talk to supporter called BrandonW. Hi stopped answering me to my questions and never get back to me. In the session transcript in my support history it’s looks like he answered after 10 minutes after he disappear, but I already closed window. Is this a famous outsourcing support team, I suppose?

I sure I should change your hosting immediately and I want to someone from management contact me regarding this issue. My account 1246353 please answer my support tickets or contact me by my registration e-mail.

I apologize for the trouble with your hosting! A support supervisor replied to your ticket via email. You can Click here http://bit.ly/PfyUyK to view all your support history. For further support please reply directly to the email that was sent or click here http://bit.ly/PfpbbY to send another ticket to our support Dream Team.

Matt C

And you could not simply choose another name for the database? When you are using shared mysql, the database names have to be unique.