I can't add a hosting plan to my account

Hi there.

I signed up a year ago and used my hosting plan for maybe 90 days or so before I decided to use the 97 day money back thing and use a VPS from another company instead.

Well, the VPS thing turned out really good. But now I’m planning on moving back to DreamHost since I’m going to run a server at home.

Here comes the big problem part, and I’m telling you the answer is not 42. I can’t figure out how to add a plan to my account. I know it’s probably very easy, but I can’t get it to work.

Billing => Manage Account shows that my account is “pending”. It also says “This account has no hosting plans. add a plan to open it.” That sounds reasonable.

I clicked the “add a plan” link and the panel sent me to https://dreamhost.com/signup/. I filled out the forms, but I couldn’t proceed to payment because my email address was already in use.

How do I fix this?


How many accounts do you have under the same WebID?

Have you contacted DH support? It sounds like a problem that can only be solved by them.

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Visit the Control Panel -> Support -> Contact support page and submit a support request.

If they are not letting you proceed because of the existing address:

  1. There may be a reason for that

  2. There may be no reason for it other than they retained your email address from before, their system allows only 1 plan per “account holder,” and each account holder must have a unique email address.

  3. They may need to have a human deal with your circumstance.


I don’t know. But that could be the problem. When I closed my previous plan I’m pretty sure that it was labeled as “closed”.

Yes I have.

The situation is confusing… Let’s see what DH support says.

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They have answered.


No, seriously… the problem was simply that your account had been closed
and would not allow for the adding of a hosting plan. I have re-enabled
your account for you and you will find that adding a hosting plan now is
much less painful than listening to Vogon poetry.[/quote]
I can see two accounts listed in the panel when I log in. I don’t think the second was there before, but I will contact support and see if they can fix that too.

Support has closed the other account now. I could easily add a new plan to my real account.

Case closed. Thank you everyone. :slight_smile:

42 it is!

Hey, glad to have you back, neighbor!

I plan on setting up a small server at home myself for non-critical, but CPU intensive stuff.

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Thanks for the follow up.

I’m glad that everything is working for you now!

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I’m impressed. Post was first at 7:52 AM on the 13th and last post mentioning support fixed problem was on the same day at 11:?? That says a lot for support being there!

Glad you are here! I am a refugee from a lonely little lunar site that has “no respect”. Glad I AM here with DreamHost.com

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I’ve been impressed with the support at DreamHost, too. Not only are the responses more timely than at LP (which I still had to communicate with during the transition) they fix the issue in the first email.