I can't access to my subdomain anymore

Hi folks, I’m a new subscriber… 3 days ago I setup a subdomain “test.meteokit.com”, and protected the entire site whith a password. In a day it was ready and I was able to access it after typing a password.
Yesterday the surprise: my subdomain was not accessible anymore: the message is “Impossible to find the server”… Can someone help me ?
Thank You in advance!

Have you tried recently? I just tried to access the subdomain and it prompts for a user/pass on my side.


I’ve tried just now… it magically works again!
Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Now it’s down again … (I’ve just added a database to that subdomain, and can’t ever test it!)
Can someone check it ? The url is test.meteokit.com !

It works for me. Possibly you should contact support and see if there’s issue with your server restarting on it’s own or something.


… it’s all ok now… (?!) … Thanks