I can't access phpmyadmin


I want to get into phpmyadmin in one of my hostname, but I can’t do it using my admin user… I can login using the user created for a specific database, but with that user I don’t have privileges to create db, and other things.

What user shoud I use there?


If you want to create databases you go here https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=goodies.mysql& and its at the very bottom

thx but there I can’t create innodb databases :frowning:

That’s a property of a table, not of the entire database. Just specify “ENGINE=InnoDB” at the end of a CREATE TABLE statement to make the table use InnoDB.

I don’t think there is a way to make it that way by default but you should be able to change the type for each table separately by going to operations. If there was a way to do every table at once I haven’t found it so it can be time-consuming if you have a lot of tables.

thx for being so kind… let me explain a little better my problem. I want to install Prestashop, but the process stalls or get stucked in the step 3, where is creating the database. I login to phpmyadmin with the user for that db and found that the default is myISAM but prestashop created innodb. Even more, I now have another db there that I created that I can’t delete through the mysql section in DH because isn’t visible there, but it is in phpmyadmin. That’s the reason I want to get into the “root” of phpmyadmin and have better control of my databases.

On a shared mysql-server you will not get “root” access.

I have no idea where you went wrong. I downloaded the latest version of prestashop (1.4.1), created a brand new sub-domain for it and installed it no problem @ http://shop.channelanime.net/ with all of the default stuff. I also kept the database option on innodb but i did see the option to change it to myisam.

thx erik, that answered my question

Ryo-ohki, this is puzzling me. I entered into your shop and works great! what am I doing wrong? It’s bizarre that when I try to install it with chrome, it generates ~35 tables. And then it stalls. With Firefox, it generates ~ 90 tables before stalling. And with IE 9, it generates 126 tables and the progress bar in the top never dissapears.

It could be something with my MySQL server, the timeout setting, or something like that? how many tables has your prestashop db? Last night MySQL was behaving very badly, I even contacted technical support. Basically, I couldn’t edit nothing in any database (as if they were read-only!)… By the time they checked it, everything was working fine… so many years being a promoter of dreamhost among my friends, but recently I’m having strange issues :frowning:

OpenCart installation was nicely done (http://www.nett.mx/semsational/opencart/) but I want to have more options for doing the benchmarking.

Thanks in advance!

My install has 162 tables. I’m using Firefox. It only took a moment for the database to be set up. I don’t have any suggestions for whatever problem you are having but have you tried to set up the database manually? Go to install/sql and there are three files you would need to import into the database. They are small enough for it to be done via phpmyadmin. The first one is db.sql, db_settings_extends.sql and/or db_settings_lite.sql. I ‘think’ using either settings_extends and settings_lite would be the difference in having the example products or not…dunno…Be advised you would need to edit these files in a text editor first – notepad will do if you have nothing else – to change the PREFIX parts to whatever table prefix you actually wanted to have

Thx a lot, I’ll try that and post results.

I’m giving up with prestashop… not even this workaround worked… OpenCart has what I need :slight_smile: thx!