I cannot become visible on the internet?

I’m not sure what terms to use… when I type in my domain name, I don’t get to my website. I’ve had a variety of resulting errors but so far nothing results in arriving at my site.

I’m new to building a web site. I started by signing up with Dreamhost for everything. I then created a test page using Microsoft Word and saved it as a web document. I then uploaded the document using the AjaXplorer that comes in the package. When I viewed my site, the words showed up but the picture was a box with a question mark.

I made changes and uploaded the changes. Then nothing showed up. I made more changes without any improvement. I attempted to delete my old work and start over again, but couldn’t delete anything.

I went to the forum to get suggestions, which resulted in switching to fileZilla and Iweb… I was able to delete some things, but there were so many different directories that the system had created and so much content in the folders that I couldn’t delete everything and start over with a clean slate, which was my goal. After all of this I was still without any improvement.

I then switched to Wordpress. I have created some pages using a theme and have pushed the publish button, but still can’t find it online. Other than pushing the publish button, I don’t know what to do. Why can’t the internet find my site? How do I actually ‘publish’?

I have now followed several youtube videos, but they seem to assume something of which I am unaware, because I think I did what they did, but they can see their site and I can’t see mine.

I would appreciate any assistance that is offered.


Your first attempt obviously ‘worked’ but the HTML was probably incorrect to display images.
You should go into your webhosting panel at DreamHost and delete the domain; then wait 10 minutes before re-creating the domain.

Wait another 15 minutes and then logon to FileZilla. Your FTP should have a folder called: yourdomain.com
In that folder will be a few files all of which can be safely deleted.

You should try to upload a simple index.html file - perhaps with some very basic HTML

<title>My first page</title>
Hello World

After this try to follow some online tutorials to add various elements:
A Link
A picture

Once you’re more familiar with how HTML works, then you can start to use WordPress. In fact you can use WordPress with zero knowledge, but you’ll get much more from a programme like WordPress if you have some understanding of how things work.

The main thing, as he says above, you MUST have a index.html , this is what the browsers look for and is the first page they go to, if no specific file or imagefile is in the URL, IE: http://anysite.com when someone goes to that url , they automaticly get the “index.html”, it may have a “title” that is different,
I would think “notepad” would be better to use to write your html, I am not sure that MS WORD will work,very well, but then I do not use windows,nor any Microsoft products, I use linux, or FreeDos, and normal text editors,
Here is a forum that has some pretty good tutorials,and even some online “classes” : http://forums.about.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?folderId=3&listMode=13&nav=messages&webtag=ab-webdesign
For images the basic html is <img src="imagefilename.png"> however there are variations, that can size,center,etc,…also if the image is in a sub directory (folder) it would need to have the complete path ,IE: <img src="http;//anysite.com/images/imagefilename.jpg">
I enjoy useing html very much, and use it locally on my computer as well as the internet and websites, it is realtively basic and easy to use once you get remembering some of the markup tags,etc. let us now how it turns out, hope this helps.
Edited, now a days, one can use PHP scripts, in which case the index is index.php, especially in forums, and stuff like that, but I recomend getting familiar with html first, the aboce link also has tutorials on PHP. Css, and more.