I cannot access my sites or SSH into them?


I cannot now for some reason access any of my sites, whether it be via HTTP or FTP or SSH. However other people can? I haven’t changed anything with my DNS servers?

Is anyone else experiencing this? My stuff is on Adams.

Double-check that you’re on Adams. Then FTP or SSH to adams.dreamhost.com and see if you can get in.

While we’re at it, what’s the URL for one of your sites?


One of my sites is http://www.danpalka.net

I try to ssh into adams but I’m never asked for a password and nothing ever happens.

Dreamhost support is on it… I think (perhaps its too late now to expect anything further from them tonight?)

When I SSH to adams.dreamhost.com, it does ask me for a password. Try ssh -v adams.dreamhost.com
The first lines will show the connection attempt with an IP address. And try by its IP address as well:

This sounds like it’s a DNS issue at your end. Can you get to scottdayman.com? Or any other sites hosted at DreamHost?

Oh, while you’re at it, why not use DreamHost’s anonymous WHOIS service so your address and phone number aren’t public. Your domain is already registered here, so it’s easy to modify.