I Can Wait and What happended with me now

My account has been disabled !!! OMG i can believe it …i am business and i chose using your service but what happended with me ? i need a reason now. My service , my business and my work is down now !!! i have contact your support but it’s too lateeee !!! , my domain is http://xaichua.net and email is : xaichua.r00t@gmail.com , please tell me and active my account for working ! i try to contact and tell they , that is my product ! not another , but i think they disabled because they think am suck in tos ???. I am serious !

Having first seen your PM to me, and now your public message here, I have looked into the situation with your account. Having done that, I am quite certain that you do not wish for a public response in these forums concerning why your account was disabled.

I have asked our Abuse staff to contact you regarding this situation via private correspondence, and I am sure they will do so. I suggest you await communication from them; they will make it very clear to you exactly why your account was disabled. I will not respond to further PM’s from you regarding this - use the appropriate support channels you if wish to have further dialog about this.

–DreamHost Tech Support

Awww…enquiring minds want to know. But it’s yet another example of termination for cause.


nothing happended with me right now !!! what wrong is comming now ? my work is down now…your service is hard to give me a reason why ??? wait and wait…what am i waited for ??? …my positive balance can’t cash back so your service using that for what ? for black activities ?..hmm…i am business and i know what i looking for …i will report if i don’t have a reason and re-enable account for me. Peace !!!

There’s nothing to wait for, except for you to take your business somewhere else. You’re not going to get your account back.