I can send but not receive emails on DreamHost email

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to set up emails for me and my colleagues in our new charity, woodsforthetrees.org. At the moment, I can send emails from the webmail account and they get through perfectly - but no replies are being received.

I also can’t configure the new account on Mac Mail or iOS mail using the instructions at https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/214918038-Email-client-configuration-overview, and I suspect the two problems are related.

Any ideas that will help me get up and running? I can see a few similar topics, but they’re all really old!

Thanks a million,


As you are familiar with the Webmail interface, try this test:

  • Head over to the DreamHost Webmail interface and log in to one of the accounts you are not receiving email.
  • At the Inbox, click the folder icon :file_folder: at the top left, then the vertical ellipsis icon ( ⋮ ) to the right of the username and select Manage folders.
  • Flip the switch to subscribe to Spam and return to your Inbox by clicking the large Mail icon :email: in the far left menu.
  • Click the folder icon at the top left again :file_folder: to check if emails are being directed to the Spam folder.

Let us know how you go.

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Hello again,

The bizarre thing is that I don’t get an option to subscribe to Spam. It’s not one of the options.

I’ve attached a screen grab of how the Manage folders interface looks for me. I’m on a Mac and it looks the same in Safari and Chrome.

I’ve tried deleting the email account and setting it up again, always with the same result.Dreamhost webmail - no spam

I’ve tried deleting the email account and setting it up again, always with the same result.

It might be that there needs to be some Spam before it becomes subscribable.
Here’s a screenshot of what I see on an account:


Hey Jonathan!

Did that info from @sXi get you sorted? If not, please don’t hesitate to open a ticket with us in your DreamHost panel so we can take a look and help you get it resolved!

Let me know if you open a ticket and I’ll make sure to get eyes on it for you! Thanks for your patience!

-Brandon W

Hello @sXi and Brandon,

I’m afraid it doesn’t work, because the only folders I can see are Inbox, Sent and old-messages,

I have managed to do these things though:

  1. I can set up a forward from jonathan@woodsforthetrees.org and that works fine. So as a temporary fix, I can send emails from jonathan@woodsforthetrees.org and receive them via the forwarding. But obviously that’s not ideal.

  2. I have set up my email client (Mac Mail) and can send emails from there too. Mails don’t come through (just like on Dreamhost webmail), but I can drag an email across from one of my other accounts - then it appears in Dreamhost webmail.

  3. I get bounceback emails from my new email account - one is attached.

I’ll try and put this all in a ticket for you, Brandon.

Thanks a million,


Bounceback email

That image appears to show that the mail path being attempted might be triggering a (necessary) failsafe within the mailing system.

In order to test that particular setup correctly you should not be sending email from a GMail account to a DreamHost forwarder that sends it back to GMail (mail systems have safeguards that catch and interrupt this type of loop). In order to test that setup you should always send an email to the DH forwarder from another service entirely (Proton, Yahoo, M$, etc.)

Regardless, that is not an efficient setup. You should either:

  • Set your address back to Fully Hosted and continue troubleshooting (you can fix this).

OR – as you are familiar with GMail:

  • Leave your address as a Forward Only and set up GMail permissions to “Send As” your domain mail address, then have your local mail client connect to GMail instead of DreamHost.

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