I can not reach any of my articles for 5 days

Hello again;

For a few days i can open my sites main page but i can not view any of my articles.

I can view http://dizi-mania.com/ but
i can not view http://dizi-mania.com/2013/08/suits-3-sezon-4-bolum-conflict-of-interest-promo-v ideo-fotograflar.html

or http://dizi-mania.com/2013/08/under-the-dome-2-sezon-onayini-aldi.html

or http://dizi-mania.com/2013/07/sherlock-3-sezonun-kotu-adami-belli-oldu.html

or http://dizi-mania.com/2013/07/skins-rise-promo-videolar.html

when i click, page is empty!

and also site is so slow. it takes about 20-30 seconds to open main page.

I create 2 support ticket but i could not get any help yet. Do you have any idea why this problem occurs?


Hi there!

Thank you for contacting us here for support. I looked into your account and see that our support team replied back to you yesterday. You can view your support history here https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.his& If you need any further support please reply back to the email they sent you or submit another ticket and we’ll look into it.

Matt C