I am unhappy with DH performance

  1. About once a month the database goes down. It is a central point of failure. This hasn’t been fixed yet.
  2. When this happens I email tech support. They say they need more info. Apparantly “I can’t connect to the DB server” isn’t sufficient. I would think DH would know why, or would take responsibility for finding out why.
  3. When my machine is loading a page a minute when it normally loads in 1 sec, I’ll tell support “my server is running very slow”. I get a response that says, “its running fine now”.
  4. I would leave except I bought a 2 year contract.

When did you sign up?

You know that we have a 91 day money back guarantee, right? If you’re really that unhappy, write support explaining your reasons, and request a refund (even if you’re over the 91 days). Put it attention to me, and I’ll make sure you get a refund.