I am shared, how to enable allow_url_fopen

In past hosting (shared hosting too) i can use own php.ini to enable allow_url_fopen=on

and now i had move to dreamhost, is there any way i can enable it to in dreamhost?

i read here we can disable or enable it with htaccess


I’m unaware of being able to enable that feature with .htaccess on DreamHost, but you can try setting up a Custom PHP.ini file, as per the wiki instructions :wink:

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It would be better to rewrite your scripts to make use of cURL.

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allow_url_fopen is dangerous! Try to not use it! Go with what scjessey said and rewrite the scripts to use curl, if possible. I used http://wiki.dreamhost.com/CURL as a starting point for that.

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You can also compile and install your own PHP. See the wiki article: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Installing_PHP5

Not everyone is a programmer, so most people can’t recode to cUrl. And many people that sells scripts won’t do that also. I knew that through experience… they will tell you to change webhoster.

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In which case, it’s usually best to stop using their program and find an alternative :stuck_out_tongue:

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