I am puzzled

My domain, elfenvald.com, was hosted for 2 years by ‘companyx’. It’s a graphics site, offering downloads of items for BladePro, Paint Shop Pro, 3d textures, stuff like that. For the last 6 months, I was running 10000 downloads a month.

July 1st I moved to dreamhost. I now have had 1800 downloads since the 1st. If the site continues at this rate of downloads, I’ll have only 1/2 the downloads that is normal for my site. Actually, this rate goes back 1 1/2 years ago, before I had built up the internet awareness that I had one month ago.

Okay, the puzzlement. Google dropped my domain. I used to be 2nd on the list if you did a search for 3d textures, and now, I am not even on it. (that was just one example). Yet I see the google robots in my stats, so I know they are coming into the dreamhost site.

The only difference between today, and 1 month ago, is that I am registered with network solutions, newdream isn’t. If you do a whois on newdream, at network solutions, the response is ‘error’. My previous host also was registered with Network Solutions.

Is that impacting google?

Has anyone else moved their domain, only to experience such a dramatic drop in activity?

That’s quite surprising; as I understand it, Google bases its ratings mainly on links from other sites and other popularity-contest-like methods. I don’t see how which whois database you show up in would have anything to do with that, but maybe it factors in somehow.

And who we are registered through makes even less of a difference.

Google claims that unique IPs don’t help search engine placement (unless virtual hosting is done “wrong”, which I don’t think ours is). However, adding one to that domain might help with your search engine ranking.

I lost my ranking when I switched hosts. That’s why I was wondering if anyone else had experienced problems when they moved their domain to a new host.

I now have to start all over with my rankings.

Thanks for the click to the webmaster section at google. I’ve never seen that, and if I had, I would have kept my mouth shut! I was down for a couple of weeks between hosts, and never saw any change in google until I started with dreamhost. So, I connected that event with loosing my rankings. I used to be on the first page of google on any search word for elfenvald, now, page 38, page 25, etc.

So, I will learn patience, and the rankings will go back to where they were.

Bob, I do appreciate the feedback. Thanks.