I am locked out of my account! 2 step authentication is not working!

I have been locked out for a week. I have sent messages via email to support as well as sent a fax and also tried to contact someone using the web form. NO ONE is communicating with me! I am very concerned over the lack of communications when I am a paying client. Someone needs to get a hold of me ASAP! Please advise! I have 6 websites that cannot be managed without my DreamHost access!

If you are not able to login to the panel you can use this link https://www.dreamhost.com/support/ select the “i can’t login” or “other” option to report the issue to our account verification team and include an email you have access to and they can assist further with account access matters!

I already did that 3 times and no one emails me back!

I gave them credit card verification too!!

Can you provide me with your ticket number by chance? Should start with an 8.

I don’t have a ticket number since no email or other correspondence was sent to me but I do have an account number & an email on file I can provide.

I also sent a fax yesterday to 714-671-9098 & still no communication

I can confirm that the form is working and our team is replying to every email they receive. The fax number is not a means to get in touch unless DreamHost is asking you to fax specific information. I do apologize! Since we do not advise on posting your email address, is there any alternate email address you have that you can submit with your request from the support form?

I only signed up with one but I have an email setup for the main website I under DreamHost email. But I am receiving ALL emails from Dreamhost web mail. My 2 step authentication needs to be disabled. I even put in a request for that via your web and that hasn’t happened either. Something is seriously wrong as I have NEVER been on a blacklist. I need to get immediate access into my account and I find it very ODD that no one will respond by phone, fax or emails to support@dreamhost.com. I even emailed off an old ticket number to try and reach someone.

THANK YOU SECURITY TEAM for reaching out… The issue was resolved!

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