I am in need of some help please

Basically I am not very good at stuff like this.

I appreciate that some of you will think oh what an idiot, but if any of you could help then I would really appreciate it.

I am recently joined Dreamhost because I wanted to use wordpress for my website. I want to use wordpress because they have a free plugin that would benefit my site a great deal.

I joined wordpress, I made my domain. I have signed into my control panel and I have tried to download wordpress via my domain by the one click installs.

When I get to the part where it says custom installation… I click install to my domain and I select my database as the same. I click install for me now but then I get this message…

“Whoops! There was an error while trying to install wordpress for you!
WordPress has already been installed at …”

Where do I go from here?

How do I get to the part where I edit my website and get it published?

I have moved across from 123reg and im really sorry to be a pain.

Anyone who could help by setting it out in steps, I would massively appreciate it.

Thank you.

I see you have a ticket open! I’m looking into this now for you, and will reply as soon as I have more info. Stand by. Thanks!

[quote=“spankthebookies, post:1, topic:59901”]
“WordPress has already been installed at …”

Where do I go from here?

How do I get to the part where I edit my website and get it published?[/quote]

Usually you’d browse to the address indicated in that top message.

You probably should have received an email with some instructions if you installed via One-Click, too.

He did receive that email :slight_smile: The problem was the domain’s registration got stuck on our end and no nameservers were set; Our bad!

Just replied to your ticket, Colin! Feel free to email me back if you have any questions. Thanks :slight_smile:

Speaking for myself, and possibly sXi since he and I have discussed it, we really appreciate it when you reply with what the real problem turned out to be, like above, instead of just saying “we replied to your ticket, you’re all set”. The doesn’t help others that might have the same problem, or us when we are analyzing some future persons issue. Thanks.

Noted. Thanks for your feedback, LakeRat! Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Definitely. I’d add that I was starting to think that Ipstenu was the only official DreamHost Support remaining who understood that honest explanation is ultimately a good thing, too.

Thanks for increasing the faith Elle :slight_smile:

I will note that sometimes we don’t tell you what we did in the forums because it’s not really proper. I mean, if the the answer is “We couldn’t approve your hosting request because your credit card came up as stolen” you’d be a little peeved that I posted that in the forums! So we have to be careful sometimes.

If it’s something we can reply to publicly, I personally try to because of http://xkcd.com/979/

Hi Elle,
I am having a similar problem. I got the email and when i am clicking the link stated in the mail, the browser is not able to locate the web-address.
Please, look into this.

yuvraj911987, your site came up fine for me when I looked. You may need to clear your browser or DNS cache to get it to show up for you.

Thanks a lot. I am now able to work through it.