I am currently thinking about this host

I have a few questions though:

  1. Does Dreamhost have an FTP that is easy to understand. My old host was Angelfire and loved their upload feature, which was online through their site.

  2. Dreamhost sounds wonderful, but I am interested in what you think is wrong with it.

  3. Alright, I have only had a site for a little over a year, so I am very new to this. Is Dreamhost easy for a beginner?


Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I’ve tried a few hosts and not been too happy with any of them until DreamHost (have been here for about a year). The web panel is tabbed and very easy to navigate. There is a huge help database. My e-mails for tech help have been promptly answered, and the features here for the price are great. Sound like a DreamHost commercial yet? lol! I’m just a happy customer who would recommend DH to anyone.


  1. FTP works just as it should, the only thing to keep in mind is that setting multiple unique ftp accounts to access a single area is not currently possible (well last time I checked it wasn’t). This just means if you have multiple people working on a site they have to share a ftp account.

  2. Dreamhost have had a few problems whilst I have been with them, but so did the other couple of hosts I have tried. The difference is that the Dreamhosts problems have been explainable and stuff has been put into place to stop it happening again. To summarise when you have a problem with Dreamhost they fix it, where as a lot of hosts I have been with give you the brush off and it just keeps happening.

  3. It is good for the beginner and the more advanced user, the control panel has good help documentation. And all accounts have shell access for more advanced work.

I would recommend them and have to many people, there are a lot of web hosts but Dreamhost is the best price/performance I have come across.

  1. To my knowledge DreamHost doesn’t have an online FTP browser/upload feature, which is one of the things I miss from my old hosts. But, as mentioned above, they do have many other options, including things you might prefer to FTP (WebDAV, etc), and if a web-based interface is a must, it is a “suggestion” that some of us have voted that DH consider. :slight_smile:

  2. As others have said, not much!

  3. Yes, DH is quite easy for a beginner. It packs a lot of options as compared to other hosts, but the kbase is great.

Yes. More to my liking, Dreamhost supports scp - secure copy, which is very efficient, fast and secure. Much easier for me to just type scp -C foo.html myftpuser@mysite.com:mysite/ than spend ages clicking in some GUI. I have a connection to the Internet that carrier pigeons and pack mules could outrun.

They don’t send free pizza with announcements. Seriously, I’ve had one gripe with the service so far and that appears to have been a very unusual event. They went through some bad downtime back in March. Living up to my alias, I emailed support with some very harsh criticism. They took it in the midst of what must have been a very hectic time, apologized, and even offered me a full refund even though I was well outside the time period for such a refund. My annual renewal will be coming up soon. I continually research possible hosts, but I will be renewing with Dreamhost. I’m grouchy and picky.

Don’t know. Their “Web Admin Panel” was a very new thing for me. Since I didn’t know what to do, I just clicked on lots of the handy help links sprinkled around the thing and made use of the “Top questions” links that appear with each “tab”. It’s like having a FAQ customized to suit every action on the panel.

What I really appreciate about Dreamhost are:

(1) Much of what I need to do to maintain my sites, I can do from a term. I can work very efficiently remotely because the Dreamhost Admins have a real clue; they don’t block secure access.

(2) They don’t hide from their mistakes. If they mess up, they tell you about it and they fix it. This is not very common among hosters, sadly. It’s one of the reasons my emailed complaint in March was so harsh, I was accustomed to “tech support” that stalls or shifts blame until cornered. Dreamhost doesn’t do that, so I had to eat crow. (That doesn’t mean I won’t fire up the flamethrower again if they start acting like so many of the others).

(3) They use Linux and know how to use it. That makes it robust and flexible. My sites do not get knocked off the Internet every time some dysfunctional juvenile spreads another piece of malware for MS. I’d rather pay my hosting fees to people who get the job done rather than license fees and license audits and virus recovery costs and forced upgrades associated with software that routinely breaks.

(4) They are not afraid to change things to remain competitive. I have received upgrades to my hosting plan without request. Sometimes I think they’ve set up a web-cam over my shoulder and take notice of when I start thinking about trying out some other hoster’s deals.

(5) When you ask Dreamhost support a question, you get an answer. Ponder that one for a minute.

I won’t name names, but I have been hosted by some very well-known businesses where “tech support” routinely meant a boiler-plate response, heavily sprinkled with links to more boiler-plate which usually had nothing to do with my question. Problems that didn’t fit their automated replies simply went unsolved.

Dreamhost has a very extensive “Knowledge Base” that covers an incredible number of questions, but they will answer support email.

I’m still hoping for the free pizzas with announcements, though.

[quote]Isn’t that what this is?


No, it isn’t. I was speaking (as I think the question intended) of a web-based program that isn’t really “FTP,” but has a “upload” section that allows you to browse to files on your hard drive to upload, allows you to click a file and edit it in a text box, and allows you to easily move files (say from one domain to another) or change permissions without logging into the shell account. I don’t know what that would be called, but that’s what I thought the original poster was asking about, since Angelfire probably has something like that (as does GeoCities, etc.). More of an online File Manager than an FTP program.

Yeah, that’s what I generally use to upload stuff, and I think you can change permissions by right-clicking a file. The only thing I really miss is the ability to edit a file without downloading it, editing it locally, and then uploading it again. I know it’s possible to do this with emacs, but that’s still a hair more difficult than just being able to change things in a textbox and click “save.”

Oh, cool, that’s really helpful, and I wasn’t even commenting on this forum to get help originally. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that. I had Linux on an older computer of mine, and had tried Vim and got totally lost (rather like my experience with emacs), so I guess I thought all *nix text editors were impossible for less-competent persons like myself. :slight_smile: Thanks; I’ll definitely try them out.