I am a DESPERATE customer


I am in absolute desperation, hating the day I ever were born, and the day I ever thought about signing up Dreamhost.

Today, I lost contract that I have been working for for months. Months of hard work - and everything went to hell because my sites are down! The whole day today, I am asking and asking your support for help - but NOTHING!!!

The transition from shared hosting to PRIVATE SERVER resulted in this disaster. NOTHING WORKS!!!

Support team does NOTHING.

Now I even discovered that Dreamhost does not even publish a phone number, just some fax.

I think I really am a victim of Dreamhost. I was perfectly ready to pay more for a premium service and instead of that I was betrayed by Dreamhost. Vaclav Vanicek, MSc


I see you’re posting the same message in multiple forums, not sure why…

Have you opened a ticket with support?

You didn’t give your domain so I can’t check into this for you, maybe you can open a support ticket with more information?

  • Greg
  • DreamHost Technical Support


Jesus Christ! Not sure why??? Because I don’t know what to do to get someone’s attention at Dreamhost!


Yes, I am posting to your forum, inabsolute desperation trying to cacth glimpse of your attention.


Yes, absolutely, I keep opening service tickets for the whole day!!!

My sites are down:


Everything dead and I am dead as well.

… will explain why it was so so so important everyhing working TODAY!!!

For many months, I have been working on a partnership with our biller Ipag billing. Today, I won the contract, they gave me serious deal to run access control + affiliate management system + several other things for 60+ sites exclusively. I would make 1 buck per active member. Thousands of them.

AND EVERYTHING IS GOING TO HELL - beacuse Dreamhost would NOT kepp my sites on-line.

What would you do?

Vaclav Vanicek


Is your server itself up? Can you ssh in? You mention in your other thread that you’re in the middle of transition to Dreamhost PS service. Is that true? Because that transition does take a while and your sites are down during that time.

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Dear Sir,

No, the transition was done a few days ago.
I am nnot inthe middle of it.


I am very sorry that it had to come to this.
Honestly, I don’t understand why Dreamhost would provide so bad a service exactly to it’s premium customers.
Exactly when I became a premium customer and had my PRIVATE SERVER activated, everything went to hell.

My sites are off-line for over 12 hours by now, and poor service has been experienced for several days. Poor service, contant slowdowns of www server, FTP down to crawl. Now it just has gone worse - now I have no service at all.

TODAY was exactly The Day when I needed evrything perfect. The contrcst with Ipag billing was a new beginning for me, a spanky brand new company, new product and already established about 6 000 clients. Great! Each client means R$ 1.- one real. 6000 reals / month is hi-class income here.

Ipag was ready to handle everything this to be if only I could show them how nicely my system works. The meeting was a disaster, board of directors conveened - and I had nothing to show!

This by the way is another loss even for Dreamhost because they were willing to recommend Dreamhost as standard hosting server for new and old sites - clients of Ipag billing - to migrate to.

I did everything possible. Right in the morning, I opened service ticket, then other and other.
Nor caring any more about cost, I upped the CPU and memory setting to the maximum and rebooted the server in vain hope that it will help. If did, for several minutes, then the server was down again.

No way, nothing, nada,
In the afternoon (the board meeting was comming), I grew desperate and reiterated the tickers, giving more information, including tracerouote and ping to my server, both indicating no network problems whatsoever.
I explainned that FTP server is working and visible at all sites, but all WWW service is down.

I lost 6 000 reals (4500 dollars) monthly deal. 50 000 US dollars annually!

Right now, the situation continues exactly the same. All www service is down. WHY?

In one of the service tiskets opened 10+ hours ago, I asked for IMMEDIATE reversal of the Private Server setup, back to shared hosting, which was bad, very slow, but at least my sites never went totally off-line. No response, no response at all. No help, no response, nothing.

The only moment when I started receiving some communication from you was when I started posting screams of absolute agony to your own forum.

Jesus, I just don’t understand this - why you just don’t fix my server??? Is is that hard?

Now, I want this:

1- make my server work
2- give me refund

The refund id ridiculous remedy to the enormous loss that I suffered today.
A whole new career of mine was jeopardised.

Your absolutely agonisingly desperate client
Vaclav Vanicek, MSc fvanicek@yahoo.com


Your server does work. ALL YOUR SITES ARE UP!!!



Yes, they are.

It took a lot of typing…
I would really prefer not having to do so much typing on a forum to have service ticket resolved.

Yoou know - until recently I was a great fan of Dreamhost and kept recommending the service to everyone! Yes, it is true.


Yes, your sites are up. But you must be careful with the contents in your site. Please read TOS carefully.

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Acting like an idiot does not get things done, it just makes you look like an idiot. OMG! the entire internet will go down in flames if I can not upload all my p0rnz RIGHT NOW!


Here, here! Acting like an idiot reduces the probability of getting one’s problem solved because it lowers one’s credibility. Plus it puts you into the category of “bad” customers who, because of their likelihood of being unprofitable, are more likely to be given up on as “lost causes”.

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Dreamhost allows adult content…

I too had downtime when my PS went up, reported the “bad httpd conf” and things were fixed sometime during the night (I was asleep by then). Losing a big contract like that sounds painful, I feel for you.

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DreamHost has many thousands of customers. Yet they manage to respond to each and every one of them in a very timely manner. If Support Ticket is used. DH is very honest about the status of servers & stuff and also very fast in resolving anything that is down. The way I address my problems to DH is not outside of the dictionaries. I use friendly phrases and tell them “no rush”. They like that.

It is not fair to blame “site down” on the hosting provider. Once I installed a website that downed the server because of a bad script. Three lines of PHP code can crash a server over and over again. That can happen too. Especially if you use stuff downloaded from the Hotscripts type of resources. Did you look into the code you are using, before starting to blame DH? In my personal opinion - I am DH member since 2001 - DH is doing a very good job. They always helped me out.

Me too I am running commercial sites, and I know that a down site has consequences, financially, search engine position, credibility, etcetera.

Machines go down once in a while, regardless which hosting provider. Same with cars. Everybody knows that hi-tech is failure sensitive. We live in a world of hi-tech, along with all the possible consequences. I just live with it. Tomorrow never dies.

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