Hyperlink to File in FTP

I have worked with sites quite a bit and am sure I am missing something very simple. My site is www.fortsmithersertoma.com, I created a new directory in the FTP folders under the fortsmithsertoma.com one named ‘files’ and uploaded a PDF.

From my web site, what would the link to the file be?

I have tried (using file.pdf as a example)





None load the file.

Thank you in advance for any assistance,

Ah I had a typo. I see you are using Drupal. If I remember correctly it depends on your permissions as far as how you want files to be accessed. If you picked private you would not be able to upload things to directory and just give out the url to access the files directly. Putting it on public wouldn’t have that effect.

Where are you checking to see if it is registered? Looking it up in Godaddy, it shows the DNS servers to be DreamHost servers and pinging it comes back to which traces (tracert) to drupal.dreamhost.com

I had typed in the url incorrectly. I did edit my post lol but you probably saw it the first time dunno.