Hung up on subdomain and subdirectory


After searching through many different threads tonight, I realize that I must just be too much of a ‘newbie’ to even recognize when my question is answered. So, I carefully proceed with my question…

I have signed up for a hosting package with DH…set my domain name…installed WordPress in the folder that has my domain name as the title…installed a WordPress theme I found online. Everything had been working great with placing content on the page…until it came time to deal with a default link that came with the WordPress theme.

The website I am setting up has a component of several audio files (all hosted somewhere else). The WordPress theme deals with these wonderfully until I place too many audio files into the designated location. When this happens, the theme is set up to automatically place the older audio files into an audio file archive. When I hover over the link to the audio file archive I see that it wants to direct me to “”. However, when I click on the link I get this message…“The requested URL/media was not found on this server”.

I realized quickly that all the content I was submitting to the site was going to URLs that looked like this “” rather than looking like this “”.

All I want to do is be able to utilize that default link to redirect those interested in older audio files to the archive. I do not think I am looking at a subdomain issue. Can anyone identify what I should be looking for or doing in order to accomplish this task?

Thank you so very much in advance for your help!

Jason Ewert


Looks like that’s more of an issue with the permalinks created in WP - you can click on your dashboard > permalinks - and change to the format you prefer - or if you need to change just that one page you can click dashboard > Pages - selected the page and “edit” the permalink at the top. If that doesn’t help the issue you can create a ticket here and our support team will investigate the issue further.

DH Matt C