I am trying to add domains that I host to my new DH account. When either ading via FUlly Hosted or via Redirect, I occasionally get this message, whats does it mean and how do I get the domains added? Thanks!

“Can’t add domain: we set this sub-domain up automatically for you.”

are you trying to add something like or a mysql host name for a database that you created? Things like this are automagically set up be dreamhost so you don’t need to add them.

Or is it something else, and they really arn’t allready set up?
If this is the case then you need to contact support and ask them to look into the issue.


I was just trying to set up a straight domain, like, and it wouldnt work. By banging my head against the wall and trying it over and over and over again… it finally worked.

Maybe you were typing in the “www.” before the domain name, which refers to a host or subdomain of that name within the domain, which is automatically set up by Dreamhost when the base domain is set up.

– Dan