Huge response delay on support

Hello Folks,

I´m new to dreamhost, but have been noticing the response time for support requests is going up and up. Since last week it started to take more than 2 days to get an answer from support.

Friday they told me that was abnormal because of a massive upgrade of the servers to a new Debian, but today it remains, and, as I could see, there are 2 times more open requests than then.

You guys know what´s going on?


I have always gotten a good response. I suspect it depends on the priority and also how well you give them detailed troubleshooting info.

e.g. do you just say “my site is down” or do you give detailed error messages and also a list of all the things you have already tried?


Not sure which plan is best? This chart lists the plans.

Well Monday was a holiday (labor day) in the States so cut them some slack because most had the holiday weekend off.
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Hey wdj, thanks for the info, I really didn´t know that!

By the way, I visited your site and found very well designed your forum system. Is that some GNU freware available like quirrelmail is for mail? I think I´ve seen the design elsewhere, so this is why I ask.

I´m willing to find redy code for that, forum, and also for a webmail more well designed than squirrelmail. If you can give me any tips I apreciate a lot.



Also be aware that the server upgrades arn’t done yet, they’ve got a lot to accomplish.


It’s an older theme for PHPBB called blueman. It’s been modified quite a bit though.
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