Huge number of calls to internal_error.html

Is there anybody here with inside knowledge on why we’re getting so many calls to internal_error.html? At times this is between 2 and 10% of all web hits with no explanation in the logs. I’m not seeing any mention at all in the dreamhost logs - and if I wasn’t logging the failed requests myself to see what was actually transpiring I wouldn’t see them at all (except for seeing all the failed page requests when trying to use my websites). This has been going on for at least a few weeks.

I thought it may have been an aggressive mod_security filter but this seems to persist even with mod_security disabled (once I knew this I turned mod_security back on).

I’ve seen other mentions in the forums so I don’t think I’m alone. I’m trying to demo a web communications product (a distributed social network) and it’s hard to explain to my “customers” that it isn’t my fault the demo site keeps hitting error pages and failing. It “appears” random (though there must be a root cause) and the requests are valid and legitimate page requests. If repeated verbatim they succeed. It’s as if Apache is just deciding to throw away web requests at its whim and send requests to internal_error.html - whenever it feels like it.

My first thought is your server has run out of memory.

Please check your error log files first at /home/yourusername/logs

I have this as well. My guess is that it seems related to server load…

For me, cccess logs indicated 200 (OK). Error logs do indicate some “Premature end of script headers”.

If you have more details answer, please share.