Huge FTP problem... need assistance ASAP

I posted this in another section, but this is where i should have posted and I do need some closer on this. I was informed by another amatuer webdesigner that I am friends with that maybe Dreamhost has a limit on the size of the folders and/or subdirectories on the server? Thanks for any info…

For one of the front-end components I use on my website I had to put all my mp3s on my website into this one folder, we’ll call it folder “dm”.

I just tried to drag and drop some more mp3s into “dm” from one of its subdirectories lower, just like I have been for the past week… and I keep seeing this error message

“file.mp3 : No space left on device”

So my question is, are FTP folders size limited? and if so, how can I make the folder UNlimited? Any help or insight would be more than greatly appreciated, no I’m dead in the water and my boys and girls need these mp3s ASAP… i appreciate everything! Thanks in advance…

I’m personally unaware of any folder size limitations, so I would suggest contacting support about this issue. It almost sounds like the drive you’re contents are hosted on is full.
Which would be rather odd if you can still upload to other folders with no issues.

You can always check how the disk space is doing for the device your directory is on by issuing the “df .” command in a shell. I dunno if there’s a WebFTP command to find out how much space is left on your device…

So “df” reports disk usage. The “.” argument is used to restrict the report to only the device on which your current directory is mounted.

I dunno if there are limitations on the number of files or amount of space allocated in a single directory. I do know there used to be limits in previous versions of some unixes.

Are you also sure you’re not exceeding the space limits you’ve assigned to the user you’re doing to ftp move with?

Finally, what program are you using to do the move? Are you at the command line?

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You might need to contact DH support and request that more storage be added to your storage cluster. Just because you have quota doesn’t mean it has the storage.

Warning: df is totally screwed up on these servers. NFS reports all kinds of strange numbers on my box, probably the same on yours.

Let the pros handle finding your space unless you have exceeded your quota.

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Hmm. On my server it reports 276GB used out of 375G with 100GB available.

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i’m seeing toooooo many 96-99% usage…
but then again "4.3T 4.2T 71G 99%"
71GB is still enough

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