Https? Where?

Hey everyone… any help on this would be greatly appreciated…

I’ve made use of the htaccess “Stuff” on DH… I’ve passworded a directory, but I also want to make it accessible only by https.

I’ve never done an https connection before… any ideas?


It sounds like you want to install a secure server (SSL), so I suggest you start your research with this wiki article, and go from there. Note that you will need a unique IP address to implement this, and that is an extra charge unless you are on a Level 4 - “Strictly Business” plan.

There is also a lot of information on using SSL on the web that you can locate via Google, and review. :slight_smile:


HAHA! Wow… I get the “Dee-de-deee” award of the day… I use SSL everyday to connect to my company’s server. JEEEEEEEZ. Didn’t know about the unique IP part though… I’ll have to look into it and see if it’s worth my time.

Thanks for the reply!