Https site down

Without warning, the secure site at does not work. But if you use http instead of https, it does work. Why would that be?

I currently have 2 open tickets with Dreamhost support: one is 9 hours old and the other is 6 hours old. So far, no response to either one. The first reported the site down and the second was added when I realized that only https didn’t work.

So I’m hoping maybe someone here can make some suggestions.

After 24 hours, Dreamhost replied that the site did not have a unique IP address. But this secure site was up for a year, so it did have a unique IP address. Somehow it was lost!

Rather than restore the original IP address, they have assigned a new one, which means that the site still doesn’t work as we wait for nameservers all over the Internet to make the change.

Has anyone else had this problem?