Https question


I’m considering using https for our church website. If we do that, will everyone who accidently types in be automatically be routed to ? Or will they get an http error?


what you can do is setup a redirect page on the HTTP site to the HTTPS site… but honestly… unless your church is doing something fishy… ( creditcard payments? ) there is no reason to use HTTPS

You also can’t set up HTTPS unless you have a Unique IP (extra $) and an SSL certificate (more extra $).


Thanks. We are non-profit, so we get the best plan at no-cost, which includes a unique ip and https.

Wouldn’t https encrypt my traffic? We aren’t doing credit-card payments, but I certainly see the time where we would be putting sensitive information through the site.

Yes, HTTPS is encrypted. All the certificate does is says that you’re who you say you are.


So, from a security standpoint, it’s better. Maybe overkill, but it relaxes paranoid people up when I deal with them in my church.

Even if you are sending sensitive information through the site that justifies encryption, those are the only pages you should access with https://.

Just like how an online store, where SSL is a must, will only use it for when the order is placed.

Otherwise, all you’re doing is slowing your site down.

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Just a few points about https:

  1. Do what you want and what your users want.
  2. You might think about allowing parallel usage - that is having the same content available through both http and https. That way people who want speed over arguably unnecessary encryption can be happy too.
  3. If you have significant multimedia content like pictures and certainly audio and video, you should consider making that content unencrypted. On a private banking site colleagues of mine built, I know they got significantly better speed and scalability by having the images served over http rather than https.

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