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I’ve got kind of an unusual setup going for my site.

  • My main domain is dragonflycave .com (I had to insert a space here because the forum won’t let me post if there are more than two links in the post, even though I’m just trying to talk about domains without linking them; this seems kind of an unfortunate feature for a web host support forum), which is not hosted on DreamHost.
  • However, I have a forum hosted on DreamHost under tcodforums.eeveeshq .com.
  • This is not a domain that would make any sense to my forum users, so I have set up forums.dragonflycave .com within DreamHost as a mirror for tcodforums.eeveeshq .com.
  • This has been working great for many years, but DreamHost will not let me use the Let’s Encrypt option for the forums.dragonflycave .com domain, because it’s not fully hosted.
  • Now, as non-HTTPS sites are increasingly penalized, it’s become very inconvenient that my forum can’t use HTTPS.

So: I would like to get HTTPS support going on, somehow. I do not know how I could go about this. A while back I attempted it, it didn’t work, I contacted support, and ultimately got the answer that it wasn’t possible because it’s not fully hosted (at the time, the DreamHost panel allowed me to select the option even though it wouldn’t work right, which has now been fixed).

Is there any way to get Let’s Encrypt working for this subdomain - like, is it at all possible to do it somehow on DigitalOcean’s side (which hosts the main domain and provides the DNS)? Or am I going to have to move the forum entirely?


You should be able to setup full hosting for the sub-domain and have it serve the same web-directory as tcodforums. Once fully hosted, you can add Secure HTTPS to the domain. This is effectively “manual mirroring”, since it is similar to the mechanism DH uses for mirroring.


Run this domain under the user: myuser
Web Directory: /home/myuser/tcodforums…com


Run this domain under the user: myuser
Web Directory: /home/myuser/tcodforums…com


Wow, I can’t believe it was that simple. Thank you, works like a charm! (Although is there any kind of automatic way to redirect all requests to HTTPS now that it’s set up?)


Unfortunately, there is no easy panel-based checkbox for this. One must manually set up an .htaccess rule:


Thank you, I’ll look into that…

…except that actually, it isn’t quite working as it should after all: posts show up with no text in them, and other weirdness. I suspect this is because, although the tcodforums.eeveeshq .com domain was on PHP 5.6, the forums.dragonflycave .com domain is shown as being on PHP 7.2, which is not supported by the forum software, and the only PHP versions I can pick from within the admin panel are 7.2 and 7.3.

This is an EOL forum software, but upgrading to a version that works with PHP 7.2 would cost a bunch of money and hassle and I’m not really ready to do that right now. Is there no way to downgrade back to PHP 5.6, at least temporarily, for this one site? I realize running outdated software or outdated PHP is a bad idea for security, but I need to in order to keep it operating normally, and the tcodforums.eeveeshq .com domain is no longer functional, so I’m kind of out of luck if I can’t downgrade the PHP.


You can ask support to see if they’ll put the 2 new sites (http-forum… and https-forum…) on PHP 5. If not, you might have to go back to mirroring.


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