HTTPS - expired certificate - Files Forever


I am just wondering if anybody at Dreamhost is going to do something about their expired security certificate for

I noticed it 2 days ago and send support a message about this, got a reply back on Friday morning with the usual:
"I apologize for the inconvenience. We’re in the process of renewing the certificate now. It should be updated shortly."
Good I thought, weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) is coming and are the best days for Files Forever sales

Well 24 hours after this support reply, no joy, so I replied to the message again and now got the standard Moved to … reply.

The problem is that an expired certificate gives an warning on the browser and therefore nobody is buying any Files Forever files from every FF user/seller on Dreamhost.

No idea why this has to take so long.
The same happened 1-2 years ago and I noticed it and sent support a message, which resulted in a renewal with in hours.

Now it has been 54 hours since the expiration.
Does DH not keep track of these things themselves?
Why should a customer notify them about this?

DH had all Friday workday to renew it, so I guess now it is weekend nobody can be handling these things.

Anyway just wanted to let my fellow Files Forever users/sellers on Dreamhost now about this.


DH_Justin, can you do the same here ( or Elly )

I apologize for the delayed response.

Sorry for be drunk again after many hours and



I should not write this since I an drunk,
soooo, I will SHUT up …

good luck to me, with FF


Well Tuesday workday is coming up.
Let’s see if today is the day that Dreamhost chooses to renew their SSL certificate for
Day 5 has arrived and 3 support tickets later.

Anyone wants to take odds?


Hi! So sorry for the delayed response here. I see Brandon replied to your support ticket this morning. Please reply there directly with any questions/concerns. Thanks! We appreciate your patience :slight_smile:


It seems the SSL is now working again and customers are buying files again.

Thank you DH


You’re welcome! Please don’t hesitate to contact support whenever you might need us; We’ll be happy to help :slight_smile: