HTTPS Compression

Hi everyone;

I’m a bit of a novice with webhosting and servers and I am having some trouble optimizing my site on DreamHost. I signed up recently with the intention of setting up a ‘test’ website to see if the performance would be any better than my current host that uses Microsoft IIS.

On DreamHost I have an empty WordPress install with a premium theme installed and activated. On my DreamHost panel I have the domain set up for secure hosting with Let’s Encrypt.

On Google PageSpeed Insights if I analyze the site using http:// I get a medium level score and have verified that compression is on and working.

If I analyze the same site using https:// the score drops with a flag that compression needs to be turned on. (The server response time also increases quite a bit but that’s a topic for another thread)

Given that Google’s best practices include security (https) and compression there must be a way to have both? My current host has compression enabled for secure hosting.

This same question was posted by another forum member at but the link to the answer ( no longer has any information about enabling compression for secure hosting.

Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Perhaps this is the page you are looking for:

You should be able to disable/enable some compression methods. However this should already be enabled on your server. If this is not the article you were looking for I would suggest opening a ticket form your DreamHost panel.