Https broken, no response from DreamHost support for 38 hours


I’ve been trying to get DreamHost’s attention about this for the past 2 days (see support thread #5889190) but have had no response, so I just filed another ticket (#5891168).

As i mentioned in my previous thread, there were config problems that occurred during the provision of the unique IP for (twice). After 3 days of downtime, DH support finally fixed the bad config — but apparently only for http requests: https requests are still refused by the server. They (https requests) have never worked at this new unique IP.

I have tried clearing .htaccess, but it makes no difference, so it seems it’s clearly a config error, and i can only assume it may well be the same problem that was (partially) fixed the first time around (but only for http requests, not for https).

I have tried to check httpd conf but the permissions do not allow me to access it, so i’m at the mercy of DH support.

It has now been almost a week since our site has functioned properly, so please give this your best attention, ASAP.


Thanks for the heads up! Our support team has been a bit backed up recently; We’re trying to get through everyone’s tickets as quickly and thoroughly as possible, I can assure you of that. I do have a support lead looking into your ticket right now, and you should be emailed shortly. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Elle! Really appreciate your response. Yes, it’s fixed now.

In case anyone else encounters this, DH support confirms it was the same issue: Apache misconfiguration.