I have reviewed the instructions at:

However, I cannot access the file without ‘admin’ privileges. I am attempting to login to SFTP using one of the users created when a domain was created, which I assume is a problem. So, how do I login … with what user name? I see no other user mentioned anywhere in Control Panel, unless I go to the bottom to my account, and then in there at the top of the page there is mention of what I assume is a user name that was assigned when I opened an acct with DreamHost. Is that the username I would have to use? If so, I never have used it before and don’t remember a password for it, and see nowhere to reset or retrieve a lost password. The only option to change a password for that account, that I see, says that it will not change anything but the password to access the web interface at

Hopefully someone might be able to assist with this whilst I await a ticket reply from support. I submitted a ticket because the live chat said they are experiencing a high volume of requests, and the wait time was “0 minute,” but after waiting a few minutes I decided to just submit a ticket anyway.

P.S. As I have about 15 sites all using nearly identical .htaccess rules, I figured it would make more sense to just move most of them into httpd.conf instead - such as rules to block IP ranges that I want blocked.

Dreamhost no longer offers VPS “admin” users. That’s a recent thing.

Oh. With that in mind, do you know if there is another way for me to access httpd.conf? Surely it can’t just no longer be available to access/view/edit.

I doubt it.

httpd.conf is also a file the dreamhost panel overwrote automatically, thus to make changes to it you had to turn off dreamhost management.

The recent change in a nutshell, is that if you want “managed” buy the VPS product, if you want “unmanaged” move to dreamcompute.

Thanks for info. I’m still waiting for a reply from DH, although I did get a robot response that my ticket has been transferred to a particular agents cue. Maybe they can manually do what I want done, on a one-off basis. As for DreamCompute … I wouldn’t mind switching, if that was what was required, however, it is in closed Beta AND, importantly also, after spending DAYS finishing up a move of multiple domains to secure hosting - even though it went very smoothly - the last thing I want to do is have to get into moving all my domains and sites to a new server/service, unless they do it, seamlessly, for me. Nothing is ever quite as easy/smooth as it is made out to be - in the computing world - and it seems that one thing leads to another, which then leads back to an issue with the first, which then leads to finding out that I should have done something different 3 steps ago, which then … and it goes on and on.

That all said, I’m very pleased with DreamHost VPS to-date. I have been using it for hosting about 15 Wordpress sites for the past two years, I think it is now, and in large part everything has pretty much been perfect as far as anything that has to do with DreamHost.