Httpd.conf template


everyone know how to change the template of httpd.conf used to generate the productive httpd.conf on a PS when the webserver is dh managed?

I’m afraid you can’t. The configuration file is generated by another machine, not by your PS.

What you can do is set the web server to unmanaged (under the “Configure Server” tab). When the server is set to unmanaged, our configuration files will get pushed to a different destination filename, alongside the main configuration file (which will get left alone). With that as an example, you can merge the changes yourself.

thanks. what about if i send to support some parameters that i need to be changed so they can update it for me?

I’m afraid that isn’t possible – the same template file is used for all Apache2 web servers. We simply don’t have any way to make additions on a per-customer basis.


some time ago i’ve asked to support to set maxconnperip to 3, so every time that for some reasons the httpd.conf is regenerated that parameter is set to 3, so i think that should be some type of customization per-user.
now, as i’ve seen that 3 is too low, i have to raise that value every time that httpd.conf is regenerated or i’ve to use the unmanaged service.

if you can help me, please set maxconnperip to 10 as default configuration.