Httpd.conf question

I am installing a php program that uses to a mysql database. The install instructions specify that I edit httpd.conf to add an alias:

Alias /phpgiftreg/ “/path/to/phpgiftreg/”

I found some httpd.conf files but there are in subdirectories of “template” or “default-configs” so I doubt they are actually used.

How would I do such an alias?


The httpd.conf file contains Apache server configs/directives for an entire server, which means that us mere users don’t have access to it. Some of these may be reconfigured by the local .htaccess file. So just for chuckles I tried adding an “Alias” directive to the .htaccess file on one of my domains - no soap, don’t work.

Unless someone else has a suggestion, you should probably contact the makers of “phpgiftreg” for alternatives.

The Remap Sub-dir feature of the Dreamhost control panel will create aliases for you.

Alternately, you can a) install this software directly into your web site directory, or b) create a symbolic link from your web directory to the location of the software.

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