Can we use on the server level? So all email accounts I create are protected?

From what it sounds like, that’s an MS Windows program. So I’d definitely so “no” if that’s the case. Also it’d be a “no” if that program has to run constantly (as a persistent process).

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Doesn’t it run on zaep’s server? If yes (I am pretty sure it does) - than it does not matter if it’s a windows app or not. I just want to know how to configure the service to run with dreamhost. As long as zaep’s application running on their own server can access pop accounts on dreamhost - it doesn’t matter if its a windows app or not. Unless I am wrong I do not think zaep is installed on dreamhost’s server at all.

i was hoping for a set of instructions as how to set up zaep with dreamhost or someone that really knows the capaibilty of zaep services.

Thanks anyway i do appreciate your feedback, but I realize that windows apps will not run on dreamhost servers.

One post about this would have been sufficient.

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It has a client that they use to access the server, from what I understood during my limited browsing of their site and going over various links provided on it. And therefore I’m going to hold to my original answer of “no”, unless someone else with more experience with that product/service can post here about it.

Chips N Cheese - Custom PHP installs and the like!

thanks everyone for your replies. They were helpful. Looks like it is not web based and would have to run on the mail server and therefore since it IS windows based - I cannot use it. Thanks again