*http://* works but *www* doesnt

Hi there
I am having a problem with my hosting not pointing to the full http://www.nichamilton.info address


it works when pointed to

i am hosting the site elsewhere and have my domain set to a custom DNS only (not 'fully hosted) to redirect it so i dont have access to the edit tab where you specify Leave it alone so that it work with both www and http://

any ideas what im doing wrong here?


If you’re creating the DNS entries yourself, you need to create a separate A record for “www” (set to the same IP address) yourself.

ah ok how would i go about doing this? i cant see where I would do that?
much appreciated

if you go to manage domains in the panel and edit the domain in question you will probably find the control you are looking for :wink:

yes but i do not have it hosted - ‘DNS Only’ - so you do not get the ‘edit’ panel
any ideas? im really stuck for what to do

Click the “DNS” link under the domain name. Same place you created the first A record.

ok thanks iv found that but how would i specifically create that extra record for 'www’
surely is must be easy to get the www address working as well?

i dont know what im missing!

It seems to be working now … maybe you just need to wait for the DNS records to propagate.

hmm well it seems it must of been waiting for the DNS records to propogate and it was working fine both ‘www and http’

however they are now both down again - i have not touched anything since then

the other sites on my dreamhost are working fine so its not the hosting either

i get this error in my browser

The page isn’t redirecting properly
Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.[/size]