Tancred wrote in another post that the site is hosted away from DH’s normal network so it will be available to tell users what’s going on even when DH’s main network is down (e.g. under another DDOS attack).

My only concern is that I’ll never be able to remember this URL. I just scanned the recent Announcements but the URL wasn’t mentioned there. I would be in a mind to post the URL on my own (wiki) website so I can find it again, but by definition I won’t be able to access that just when I need it.

Will Dreamhost provide some way of linking there when there is a need for it? Or will I have to stick this URL to my fridge? :wink:


Lets googlebomb it :slight_smile:

dreamhost status

If everyone puts this on their site, it wil be easy to find in google.

why not just go to it, and add it to your favorites? that way, you are free to let your brain remember other things : )

or not!


Or “bookmarks”, to use the more proper terminology and the one used in most browsers, in preference to the barbaric Microsoftism.

– Dan

:slight_smile: Dan!

: ) mac dom