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I just moved my site to dreamhost… the nameservers have propagated to most places.

the problem is i get this error

Notice: Undefined variable: HTTP_POST_VARS in /home/.dino/kunjan/ on line
Notice: Undefined variable: HTTP_GET_VARS in /home/.dino/kunjan/ on line
Notice: Undefined variable: HTTP_COOKIE_VARS in /home/.dino/kunjan/ on
line 162
Notice: Undefined variable: HTTP_SERVER_VARS in /home/.dino/kunjan/ on
line 170
Notice: Undefined variable: HTTP_SERVER_VARS in /home/.dino/kunjan/ on
line 177

i have changed the database and all correctly… but i think this php script cant find the environment variables//or the variables from apache??

what can i do to fix this?



They should be working fine, but it is worth noting that those particular variables were deprecated quite a while ago. Their replacements are:


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yeah i ended up using php4 now until i upgrade the script… took me some time to figure that out… lol

thanks a lot!