Http:// and Reply-To

ok, I seem to be stuck. The above web page suggests passing an ‘email’ variable to it, which according to the documentation will be put in the ‘from’ field. Now this is wrong, and is a problem for some mail handlers that will detect/prohibit spoofing. I would prefer that the mail show as from webmaster@mydomain, and that the reply-to header field be set to the email provided by the user. Is there something with the formmail provided by dreamhost that I am missing?

Hi Wzd3, not sure if this is what you’re looking for but try checking the wiki link below.

Thanks, but not quite. It’s the dreamhost provided that I’m trying to use - and it spoofs the from by default! Spoofing the from address is also the recommendation at their instruction page!! I’d like to not do that and use the reply-to in the header.

Here are their instructions!