HTTP Error


I’m using wordpress and I’m experiencing a few problems with my first post since moving servers to you just before the weekend. I cannot blog until the issues are resolved.

  1. When uploading images as a new post in wordpress, I get a http error and uploading halts just after 2-3 images.

  2. Text in the same post is now white. How can I get it back to black?

Can anyone help, please?



Most people that answer in this forum are customers just like yourself. For best results you should include a link to your blog or your domain name.


Yes, that would be helpful. Doh!

I’m not familiar with code so if anyone is willing to help, I’d much appreciate it.



The default maximum upload size is 7mb. I notice your images are large. If you try to upload too many at once, you’ll get an http error. You can override the max limit, but it requires a little work.

Not sure where your type issue is but that would be something you would change/fix with your blog template. It’s in the css.


Thanks but the images are not large at all. Only 125kb-250kb each and already web optimized. Certainly none of my images are 7mb each.


So, the solution in the end was have support go through several possibilities. At first, support thought it was Wordpress itself creating the errors, but infact it was simply a case of turning off FastCGI in the PHP options/manage domain panel and switch it to PHP 5.3xCGI.

Now, images upload without a issue. Hopefully this will help someone else with the same problem.


That is good info to know. Thanks for sharing how you got it resolved!