HTTP error when uploading media


WP 4.9.5 started throwing an HTTP error when uploading ANY media (small PDFs). WP and PHP (Server and Local) Memory = 256M. Max Execution Time= 60 and Max Input Vars = 1500. This should be plenty to run and did not have problems 7 days ago. PHP = 7.0.30 with MySQL = 5.6.34.

Modified .htaccess with SetEnv Magick_Thread_Limit_1 just in case but still fails.

Dreamhost: What is happening to ?


Can you elaborate where you are getting error? Is it in WP system or Cpanel system? Like you said you tried to upload pdf as well.


The problem was in the WP media uploader. File would look like it uploaded and crunch but a message appears stating “HTTP Error” with no other info and file was not present in the library.

My last effort was to increase PHP Max Execution Time from 30 to 360 and then files uploaded without error. We are running ok at this time.

My concern is that if something else is actually wrong, then the problem will return.




I am sorry to hear that! I would suggest submitting a ticket for our team to further investigate.

It does sound like it is PHP memory issue but we can always check to be sure.



Either Go to Media in Wordpress and check the uploading path of images it must wp-content/uploads if not set it like this and save it.


You need to change permissions to wp-content/uploads folder in cpanel like in image.file-permissions-for-files


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