HTTP error on media upload wordpress site



I’m getting an HTTP error on my website when I try to upload files that are bigger than 1 MB. How do I fix this?


Hi Abdul,

Thank you for contacting us! The default size limit for uploading files is 64MB, which may be far too small for your needs. If you need to raise this limit, you must create a phprc file. We have a guide here

and if you need further support you can submit a ticket 24/7 or reach our lIve Chat team 5am til 10pm PDT daily here

Matt C


When ever I am uploading images on my site
I am getting http error. Should I migrate to Dreamhost to solve this problem? currently I am using DO


are these 64MB limit for the size of one file or for all files i’d like to upload??since for the site i’m planning to upload not so many files but each of them are of size 20MB and more


You try to reload the site before starting to upload something. My Website


Is the problem solved yet or not


This error can be caused by a few different factors, if you are experiencing this on your own site we suggest that you contact support directly so that we may look into the affected sites.




firstly you need to tell us what type of file you are downloading. By default wordpress doesn’t support all file types. like for uploading .xml , .apk you have to edit the .php files. I can provide with exact code to copy-paste if you tell me about your upload in detail. I have made some changes to my site CotoMovies so that i can upload other type of files.
Hope this helps shed some light on the topic.