HTTP BasicAuth with WordPress, AtomPub


I’m trying to get AtomPub set-up with Wordpress. I’ve been following the codex instructions ( When I’m logged in to Wordpress I can access the url by hand and it works (because it uses cookies for authentication), but I can’t get it to work with HTTP basic authentication.

I tried both the environmental variable and get variable hack described here (, but neither one works. I checked that the mod_rewrite rules were applying by rewriting to a test php script that echoed $_SERVER, $_ENV and $_GET. The variable substitution worked, though in no case could I ever find a value in ${HTTP:Authorization}.

I also tried hand setting headers with curl. I can get values to show up, but setting Authorization doesn’t seem to do anything, e.g.:

$ curl --header “Foo: Bar” --header “Authorization: Basic QWxhZGRpbjpvcGVuIHNlc2FtZQ==” http://my/test/script reported $_SERVER[‘HTTP_FOO’] = ‘Bar’, but Authorization didn’t show up anywhere. I tried with several different mod_rewrite rules and without one in case there was an interaction.

Also enabled basic authentication as her the dreamhost kb and the Microsoft kb article ("), but that didn’t seem to make any change.

Whew! Any ideas?

PS: btw, if you want to try running AtomPub, it looks like you need to make sure you’re running PHP5.