Http 301

Dreamhost’s custom error messages do not seem to include HTTP 301 permanent redirects. Anyone have a suggestion other than an HTML “refresh” redirect?



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Consider using .htaccess to redirect pages.

Suppose old.htm is is gone for good and you want users looking for it to be redirected to new.htm, add this line to your .htaccess file:
redirect /old.htm http://yourdomain.tld/new.htm

You can also use this method to redirect entire directories:
Redirect /olddir

…or if you have simply changed file extensions:
Redirect /dir/file.htm http://domain.tld/dir/file.pdf


Create your own, add to .htaccess

ErrorDocument 301 "

HTTP 301 Moved Permanently

new uri


ErrorDocument 301 /moved.html
(where moved.html displays the error message)

Do not use an external URI as that will send 302 instead.

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