HTTP/2 - Why doesn't shared hosting have it yet?

HTTP/2 is a major update to the Hypertext Transfer Protocol making multi threading possible, thus increasing speed up to 68%.

DreamHost VPS, DreamPress & Dedicated servers (running Nginx) support HTTP/2. Yet shared hosting accounts currently do not.

All the major Browsers have announced support for HTTP/2.

Why has Dreamhost not installed HTTP/2 for shared hosting?

Because shared hosting runs Apache.

That’s not a reason. Apache 2.4 can run HTTP/2 with mod_http2.

Seeing how mod_http2 is experimental, I wouldn’t expect DreamHost to put it into production.

Whereas with NGINX, it’s officially supported:

As AMP and googleweblight sites start to push down slower sites in the SERP, Dreamhost shared hosting customers may start to jump ship to hosts that support HTTP/2 for all their customers. I know that I’m starting to look elsewhere.

I use CloudFlare. It gives me HTTP/2 and bunches of other nice features.

I’d have to say that after experimenting with cloud hosting (DreamCompute, Digital Ocean, AWS), DreamHost does it better than I can…so far.