HTTP/2 on Shared Hosting Servers?


Now that Shared Hosting servers have been upgraded and can support the HTTP/2 protocol, and since we have long been promissed it would happen, the question remains… when?

Heck, LiteSpeed Web and H2O are already supporting HTTP/3.

Caddy WebServer also supports HTTP/3

Ubuntu Bionic upgrade

The main advantages of HTTP/2 over HTTP/1.1 (what Shared Servers currently support) are:

• HTTP/2 allows concurrent downloads streamlined within a single TCP connection (huge speed advantage.)

• HTTP/2 enables browsers to fetch crucial assets of a web page first (huge speed advantage.)

• HTTP/2 optimizes and improves HTTP header compression (huge speed advantage.)

• HTTP/2 integrates a feature known as ‘Server Push’ that allows the server to deliver crucial data before the browser asks for it (huge speed advantage.)

Basically HTTP/2 is faster than HTTP 1.1 by 20%


Anyone have an ETA when Dreamhost Shared Hosting servers will support HTTP/2?


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