How do you create HTML. I know umm nothing really about it.


HTML is nothing more than a simple text file that can be created in any text editor (like Windows Notepad, for example). What makes HTML different from a normal text file is that the content of the file is “marked up” with special tags that indicate what the content is supposed to be.

For example, a paragraph of text (just like a paragraph in a book) is enclosed by a paragraph element, like this:<p>A paragraph goes in here</p>The web browser reads the element tags and knows that their contents must therefore be a paragraph. If you want to apply emphasis to words, you can enclose the text to be emphasized in elements specially created for that purpose:<p>This paragraph has <em>emphasized text</em>, as well as text that is <strong>emphasized with greater strength</strong></p>Note that the elements must be correctly nested for everything to work properly. To create a link that a user can click, HTML provides the anchor element, which accepts an attribute that tells the browser where to go when the link is clicked:<p>This paragraph has a <a href="">link to Google</a> in it.</p>I wrote a simple tutorial that explains most of the common elements of XHTML (a modernized version of HTML), a few years ago. You can find it here: [b][b]

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thank you very much


Those two sites should help you greatly. Especially webmonkey. Way back in 99 or 2000 I learned just about all there is to know from the web monkey :). It has a lot of resources for not just html but damn near anything concerning aspects of web authoring and such.

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I say the best and easiest way to get html is use Netscape composer to buid your pages. Then you click view source and all your HTML is there. You can learn a lot by looking at it and studying it. Hope that helps