Why isn’t HTML Tidy installed? It’s one of the most valuable PHP extensions out there, if you need something to validate user input, or even your own output, you use Tidy.

So, I figured I’d try to install it, along with a newer version of PHP5, however I get an error when trying to compile it:

[gummi]$ ./build/gnuauto/
You need libtoolize to continue

Where is libtoolize?

Hi did you ever get any luck with this. I no nothing about this sort of stuff and appreciate the help.

I’m also interested. I gather that I could compile my own version of PHP with Tidy, but it’s an awful lot of trouble for an extension that is this useful and popular. If there is a library worth installing, it’s this one.

I saw on an older thread that DH supposedly included Tidy on most servers… well, it’s not on the one I’m on, at any rate.

perhaps you can vote then for the suggestion.
It’s been suggested for a long time now so I think that it needs more votes and people who want that extra rocks! (so does my site :))
link me

Yes, I found out about suggestions two minutes ago. I was just logging in to do just that. :slight_smile: