Html splash page >> index.php?

My splash page design for a bilingual site is essentially just two buttons for initial language selection on a photo background. I want each button to take the visitor to the home page in the selected language in the WordPress site. Via qTranslate plugin, the two pages have different URLs. EasyPeasy, right?

Indications are that this can be done, but relying on default loading order (index.html, then index.php, etc.) will not work.

Does someone know the method in WordPress 3.5.1 at the root of a DreamHost account, after DreamHost one-click WP install?

Thanks for your help!

You can easily use a Static Front Page in WordPress:

I typically install my WP sites into a sub-directory on the root domain. That way, I can easily force the WP site to resolve at the root domain, or I can easily show a static home page which is completely independent of the WP installation. (Which seems to be what you’re looking for.) This is important because some themes don’t support the static front page option very well, or when you need to completely stop access to the WP site from root domain URLs.

But if you already installed WP on your domain root, then obviously this wont work, and the static page option is probably your best bet…

Thank you, theimagedoc! I’ll definitely follow that suggestion in the future.