HTML includes not working

Moved a couple of old HTML website from my previous web host to DreamHost, and the includes I use to add headers, footers, and navigation to each page stopped working.

Here’s an example of an include that quit working, from the body of one of the HTML pages:

<!--#include virtual="admin/logobar.htm"-->

What do I need to change/fix to get my includes to work again?


Support got back to me with a solution:

Bascially, DreamHost’s servers don’t natively support HTML server side includes for .htm or .html files. However, there is a fix.

You can either rename the files to use the .shtml extension, which DOES support SSI…

or you can add an .htaccess file with this line – choose the version that matches your HTML file extensions:

AddHandler server-parsed .htm

AddHandler server-parsed .html