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i am in the process of redesigning my web site and i’ve hit a minor snag.
there is an immense amount of space at the bottom of the page and i have no idea how to get rid of it. i’ve checked over the code a million times and i can’t find anything wrong. i don’t know whether its something i’ve done or whether its something i haven’t done.
thanks in advance.

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Just from a quick glance at your style sheet, just about everything that’s defined either has a height of 1,000+px, 100%, or a 1,000+ px position set from the bottom.

Then looking at the source, there seems to be a ton of divs with no content between the tags, so who knows what each one is doing to the layout.

Between those two things, it just seems like a lot going on for a fairly simple layout.

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those rather large element sizes were all in an attempt to make the height smaller (1000px is shorter than it is right now) but i have gotten rid of those again and no change.
about the empty divs. i don’t know of another way to link images to the html other than making them a background img and there is nothing else i want to put in those divs other than the images.
it had also occurred to me that the code was a bit complex for a rather simple idea, but i just accepted it. any suggestions on how to simplify things would be greatly appreciated.

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I can help you. When I tried to visit the link it said that the page could not be found. Please provide me with more information so that I can future help you with you CSS issue.

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ya sorry about that:
i’ve been changing things around quite a bit and its all kind of a big mess right now. but any help you can offer would be much appreciated.

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Dennis, perhaps you’re ready and willing to offer free advice to people with HTML/Programming questions. That’s awesome and a lot of the users of this forum try to offer insight from their own experience.

Some of your posts sort of look like you’re not trying to offer free advice though. They look more like you’re trying to solicit some freelance work. Obviously there is nothing wrong with trying to drum up some side-work, but typically this forum isn’t intended to be a vehicle for personal marketing.

Clearly you’re reasonably new to the forum, and maybe I am out of line with this. If I misinterpreted your motivations I apologize, but blatant self-promotion can sometimes be a little annoying. Here’s hoping that you’re here to offer free useful insight alongside so many other really helpful, regular posters. See you around the forums.