HTML Form, not a FormMail question!




I am building a site for a mate and need to incorporate an enquiries form. The form will consist simply of fields to input contact details and a submit button that should send an email of the details entered to her.

I know how to use Dreamhost’s FormMail and have implemented into my websites, but she has her own hosting with a different provider and as such I can’t use this script.

Does anyone know if there is another script similar to Dreamhost FormMail that I could use on this project? I am literate in XHTML and CSS but not in anything more advanced really, so ideally it would be an ‘off the shelf’ script. I am happy to pay for the script, so please don’t limit answers to free scripts.

Many thanks for your time.



You should consider the script upon which the DreamHost Formmail script is based:



Hi there,
Thanks for your reply. I did check this out infact, but it looks a little complicated, as I have no programming knowledge. Does it work without configuration of the script, just configuration through the HTML as in Dreamhost FormMail?
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Well, any script that you use will need to be installed, and that is likely to include some degree of configuration.

Generally speaking, the more powerful (more options) scripts may have more configuration to do. There a many “formmail” scripts out there to choose from, but your criteria for choosing one really should be focused on the security and robustness of the script rather than the “ease of installation”, as formmail scripts are often hacked.

You might find something useful if you look at - there are hundreds of scripts there including many “formmail” scripts written in PHP and in perl.



Thanks very much for the comments, I shall check out hotscripts.
Many thanks, gee


if she has PHP enabled on the server it can be doen very simply in one file, if you still need a hand give me a shout i should be able to slap something together.


Hi Danhill,

Thats very kind, thank you, but I have now sorted it and am using the PHP Formail script from I’d recommend it to any other novices out there, very user friendly.